Our Story…

GinaSince 2005 Gina Tarr has been transforming ordinary works of art into the extraordinary. Each piece is embellished by hand using only genuine Swarovski crystals. From Romero Britto sculptures and Absolut vodka bottles to sneakers, high heels, wedding shoes, Bose headphones, calculators, Hello Kitty prints, sunglasses, and everything in between, each piece of crystallized art will make a welcome addition to your collection.   In addition, RelishByGT routinely takes on clients who desire personalized crystallization of their favorite pieces.

Each objet d’ art is authenticated with a CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements product ID number on a UNIQUE tag issued to RelishByGT by Swarovski.
To protect the crystals it is then placed in a gift pouch made with 100% recycled material that is colorful, reusable, and eco-friendly.

To purchase our products please email Gina @ RelishByGT@gmail.com